Exterior Painting
  • Exterior painting of all types of cladding and roofs

  • Exterior staining - weatherboards, soffits, decks/balustrades and fences

  • House washing - both for pre-painting and annual wash-downs

  • Minor building repairs —timber, iron and window glass replacement

Interior Decoration
  • Interior Gib-stopping and plastering

  • Interior painting and decorative finishes

  • Timber varnishing, staining and waxing

  • Wallpapering

Exterior Solid Plastering
  • Reinforced mesh solid plaster systems
  • Repairs to textured surfaces
  • Decorative finishes
  • High-build coatings
  • Hitchins approved/authorised applicator
  • New Traffigard laminations to decks and roofs
  • Repairs to existing Traffigard coatings

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