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Refreshing classic elegance with colour

Left: the timber detail on this quaint 100-year-old cottage in Mt Victoria responded beautifully to a simplified two-tone colour scheme.

Below:  this large, west-facing home in Northland required a partial strip of the boards and window frames, and then a clean modern palette with a pop of Dulux Scorching Bay brought her back to glory.

Left:     2007

Top:     2011

Right:  2016

Timber stain that lasts the distance

We have had the pleasure of re-staining this hilltop home in Camborne twice, first in late 2007 and again in 2016.  The first time we used Wattyl Combat: a timber 'brightener' which restored natural and even tone to the Macrocarpa weather boards.  We then applied three top coats of Wattyl Forestwood oil-based timber stain in Kowhai. 


Traditionally timber staining should be repeated every 2-3 years, but the third coat of stain to this property, which is exposed to the elements in its coastal location, lasted nine years.

Outdoor Living Spruce-Up in Camborne

Just next door, this weathered timber deck, staircase, balustrade and retaining wall were treated to kill the mould and then carefully water blasted, exposing the fresh timber beneath and making it look brand new.  The house had just been re-stained when the client decided to stretch their budget a little further and have the timber water blasted - an investment that put the cherry on top, bringing the landscaping in line with the fresh and clean look of the house.  

Waterloo house painting 'before'
Restoration in Woburn (our Award-Winner)

This mid-century bungalow was stripped from head to toe - roof, cladding, windows, concrete base (including replacement of ventilation grilles) - even the white picket fence.   Photographs show the project before, during and after - once the beautiful native timber was exposed it was sanded smooth and building repairs included insertion of new metal soakers at split corner mitre joins, and boards replaced where deterioration was beyond repair.  


After paint stripping

The finished product


Split mitre-joins in weatherboards before and after, with new metal soakers installed, and nails rust-treated


Total makeover in 
Seatoun Heights

This project required a total overhaul of all surfaces on the house following a renovation.  The new cedar weatherboards, which were only two years old but hadn’t been stained at the time of installation, were badly weathered.  The older, existing weatherboards were painted in varying colours.  The beautiful timber beneath was exposed by water blasting and chemical paint stripping.  They were then sanded and given three coats of Wattyl Forestwood acrylic stain, along with the Kwila decks and staircases.
The lower storey of the house and boundary fence were a combination of brick, concrete blockwork and cast concrete, which was then coated in a Hitchins solid plaster system.

Architectural Design in Raumati

This 14 year old property, designed by Dennis Walton Architecture, needed the rough-textured cladding and roof repainted.  Hairline fractures in the texture were seamlessly repaired and repainted.  The south-facing front door was restored to its original glory with a thorough sanding and a polyurethane finish.  Paint was applied by both brush and airless spray.

Seaside Sanctuary in Eastbourne

Being directly by the sea, this property needed special care and attention given to existing and potential rust. 

The batten & board cladding, weatherboards, French windows and roof were repainted. 
Decks were treated with Flood Spa N Deck, a marine-grade decking stain which carries a minimum three year guarantee for horizontal surfaces.

New Apartment Development in Brooklyn

This modern, architecturally-designed apartment development in Brooklyn was clad in a combination of cedar weatherboard and concrete block with solid plaster finish.  The block work was plastered and painted in a Hitchins reinforced plaster system with waterproof membrane applied over.  Car-pads and roof decks were waterproofed with Hitchins Traffigard system.

The interiors were plastered to grade 5 finish and then painted, and custom-designed kitchen cabinets were stained and polyurethaned in a Dark Oak finish on site.


Two types of Cedar weatherboards in two different colours to be brought into a consistent finish, plus brick to be rendered over to create a modern, clean profile - see bottom right and small inset photograph for before and after